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6 reasons why you should buy or sell a website on 2023

6 reasons why you should buy or sell a website on 2023

When trying to sell a website a single Google search and you’ll find out that there are hundreds of websites out there on the internet available to feature your websites or domains for you to sell them to interested parties. Some of these marketplaces, classified ad websites, and online auction houses require a high amount of fees or subscription charges. 

Do you realize what the worst thing about it is? You’ll end up losing money on such a site if your domain or website doesn’t sell. This is even worse for people who are doing this for the first time and aren’t even sure about their asset’s actual worth. 

They can end up losing more on the featuring/auction website than their website is actually worth, so it’s better to choose platforms with a significantly lower listing fee like Why? 

Below are six reasons why you should avoid buying or selling a domain on the costlier platforms like GoDaddy, Sedo, Flippa, etc.:

1. The response time isn’t always quick

You might be able to set up your site on big platforms in a flash, but that doesn’t mean that you can quickly solve your problems too, which commonly occur. After submitting an assistance request, it might take around 48 hours for a follow-up response. A small issue can end up taking weeks, costing you a lot in terms of business and revenue.

2. Presence of Restoration fees

Most of the companies or platforms charge nothing to restore your website. However, at bigger platforms like Flippa, GoDaddy, etc., the restoration fee can go as high as $200 to $300. 

3. Live chat support is absent

These platforms have a certain limit for interaction with customer service. They may even compel you into contacting the representatives using modes of communication that aren’t very convenient, leading to a lot of frustration.

4. Low internal speeds

Sizes of bigger websites obviously have an impact on their internal speeds. It’s just like a broadband connection that has several subscribers. If you’re connected to the correct ports, your speeds might be high. If you’re not, the speeds can be painfully low, which unfortunately is becoming common.

5. No unlimited websites for an economic plan

Despite receiving unlimited bandwidth, you can only get access to around 100 GB of storage. This might not always be enough. 

6. Issues with uptime

Some of the platforms allow a huge deal of uptime. Simply put, it just provides more guarantees that your website is available for a larger extent of time.

There are always a large number of options that you can use to first design and then host a website for yourself that suits your requirements. If you want to own multiple websites and then host them somewhere, it’s important that you find platforms that offer unlimited webpages, storage, and low bandwidth with rates as low as the around 5 dollars per month that it is not. It’s important that you do the trial running or may even find it takes a lot of your time managing your website.

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