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How to sell or buy domain names and websites.

How to sell or buy domain names and websites. is an online marketplace for selling or buying existing domain names or websites.

What is different about our website is that we don’t get involved as a middle man between the Buyer and the Seller. We only ask for a small annual listing fee, and we don’t charge anything on sales price percentage when sold.

At, the Buyer and Seller meet and negotiate a deal; next, they complete the sale on their own outside of our website. We recommend using, a trustworthy company, for the domain transfer and handle the money.

Listing your Domain Name for sale

Our domain name listings are usually older domains that makes them more valuable than a newer one for SEO, and also, some of them had websites in the past.

Our listings are premium domains with shorter, more powerful words, and the majority are .com, .net, .org, etc.

  1. If you are a Buyer, you can review for free our domain listings, and when you find a domain name that you like, you will need to register (free) to be able to send a message to the Seller showing your interest in that domain or website for sale.
  2. If you are a Seller, you start by registering for an account (Free), and then you will pay a listing fee as follows:
  3. Simple AD $10 / year;
  4. Featured AD $20 /year. You can list as many domain names or websites as you wish.

Domain Name Evaluation

Evaluating your website for sale or the domain name for sale is up to each Seller; we don’t get involved in any domain evaluation.

To start with your domain evaluation you may use a free tool like Godaddy domain evaluation tool.

Like in any business transaction, the final price is always the one offered by the Buyer and accepted by the Seller, so make sure your offer is realistic.

Domain Name webpage

Your AD listing acts as your domain or website presentation webpage and has plenty of space for you to describe the benefits, possible usage, and other features, including a big image.

Each domain ad listing has its explicit URL that can be used in your advertisements ex.

You can edit and update your domain listing at any time.

Where to sell Domain Names

Listing your domain name with does not stop you in any way from listing it somewhere else (Afternic, Sedo, Godaddy, Flippa, etc.) or advertising it on your own on Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc.

If you want to sell your domain faster you need to do a little advertising on your own and try to locate buyers that will need your domain or website.

You may find Buyers by searching and contacting existing businesses that may be able to use your domain name to improve their online presence.